Nestables Pre-sale

A lot of games go to pre-sales and do not tell their community exactly what they are raising money for. We want to be open and transparent to show you what we have left to complete on the game before we can hold a beta test. Over the past year of development, we have completed and achieved quite a lot! There is however, a lot left to be done which could be completed at a much faster pace with a successful pre-sale.

Development Completed:

  • Base systems and architectures
  • Character and camera system
  • World generation
  • Cube generation
  • Interaction system
  • Resource collection
  • Researching system
  • Cube traits
  • Cube happiness measurements
  • Implemented mechanics UI
  • Prop placement system and basic inventory

Development to be completed:
  • Building Editor
  • Marketplace
  • Significant interaction capabilities between player and Cubes
  • Expanded and improved crop and farming experience
  • Expanded Cube care experience
  • SFX & Music
  • Implementation of different terrains and biomes (partially completed)

Pre-sale Countdown

Pre-sale is over!

The Nestables Pre-sale is over and we have reached our funding goal! Thank you everyone for helping us reach our goal and help Nestables fund its development! 

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Pre-Sale Fundraising Goal

We are aiming to raise at least $20,000 to help cover development costs.
If we do not raise $20,000 we will be refunding all payments.



The top 5 winners on each leaderboard get an awesome prize pack

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